Maharajas Banquet (minimum of 4 people)

1x Mixed Entree(Onion bhajia, Chicken tikka, Samosa, Seekh Kebab) 1x Naan, 3x Curries Excluding Seafood, 1 x Rice, 1x side dish, 1x Dessert.



DINNER SPECIAL  (dinner for 2, take away only)

Any 2 curries + large rice + 2 plain Naans + Papadums (Excludes Seafood and Goat Curry)




Somosa Chaat (2 pcs)

Samosa and chickpea marinated with chalisa spices and finished with Tamarind, mint and yogurt sauce.


Lollipop Chicken (4 pcs)

Chicken Lollipop is hot and spicy appetizer marinated and deep fried.


Hariyali Kebab (2 pcs) (GF)(DF)(V)

A delocation combination of lentils and spinach with freshly ground spices, deep-fried and served hot with Tamarind Chutney.


Vegetable Pakora (5 pcs)(GF)(DF)(V)

Fresh mixed vegetables dipped in spiced chickpea flour batter and deep-fried.


Onion Bhajia (4 pcs)(GF)(DF)(V)

Onion rings dipped in spiced chickpea batter and deep-fried. Served with yogurt and mint chutney.


Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs)

Mixture of potatoes, peas and spices filled in a savory pastry and deep fried.


Papdi Chaat

Combination of crunch and mouth watering flavour of chutneys, potatoes chickpeas and crisp vegies.


Chicken Tikka (4 Pieces) (GF)

Morsels of boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and exotic spices, and cooked to perfection in Tandoori Oven.

4 pieces

8 pieces




Fish Pakora (4 pcs)(GF)

Morsels of Ling fish, seasoned and marinated in exotic spices, dipped in spiced chickpea flour batter and deep fried.


Jhinga-Teel (4 pcs)(DF)

King prawns marinated in freshly crushed ginger and lemon juice, coated with breadcrumbs and sesame seeds, and lightly fried.


Chillie Garlic Chicken (4 pcs)(GF)

Boneless breast fillets of chicken marinated in yoghurt with Chalisa spices and grilled in Tandoori Oven.


Lamb Seekh Kebab (GF)

Succelent kebabs made with mixed lamb, marinated in variety of spices, grilled in Tandoor Oven.

4 pieces

8 pieces






Masala Prawns (GF)

King prawns cooked with onions, tomatoes, chillies, spices and coriander.


Fish Vindaloo(GF)(DF)

Ling Fish prepared with herbs and spices and cooked in Vindaloo paste.


Fish Curry(GF)

Fish prepared with coconut cream and spices and cooked on a slow fire.




Chicken Korma (GF)

Chicken pieces cooked with spices and finished in cashew nut sauce.


Chicken Khaajurao (GF)

Chicken pieces cooked with fresh mint and coconut, a very unusual Central Indian dish.


Chicken Tikka Masala (GF)

Morsels of boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and exotic spices, and cooked in aromatic gravy.


Chicken Kadhai (GF)(DF)

A popular North Indian dish, chicken pieces cooked in fresh crushed ginger, garlic and tomato gravy.


Mango Chicken  (GF)(DF)

Boneless chicken cooked in herbs and spices in mango pulp.


Chicken Vindaloo  (GF)(DF)

Chicken pieces cooked in herbs and spices in Vindaloo paste. A spicy chicken dish.


Butter Chicken 

Boneless chicken cooked in Tandoor oven and simmered in tomato and butter sauce.


Chicken Madras (GF)

Chicken cooked in thick gravy of coconut cream and spices.




Lamb Madras  (GF)(DF)

A popular South Indian dish. Lamb Curry cooked in thick gravy of coconut and spices and garnished with desiccated coconut.


Lamb Saagwala  (GF)

Lean lamb cooked with fresh spinach, herbs, and spices.


Lamb Rogan Josh  (GF)(DF)

Lean lamb cooked in tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices makes this dish deliciously unique from North India.


Lamb Vindaloo  (GF)(DF)

Lean lamb cooked with herbs and spices. A very spicy lamb dish


Lamb Korma  (GF)

Diced Lamb pieces cooked in spices and white creamy sauce




Beef Vindaloo  (GF)(DF)

Diced beef cooked in fresh tomatoes, Masala and curry herbs, garnished with fresh coriander.


Beef Lazeez (GF)

Deliciously mild beef cooked in a cream-based gravy and finished with crushed cashew nuts.


Aloo Beef   (GF)(DF)

Potato and beef cooked in a mild tomato and onion gravy.


Beef Madras    (GF)(DF)

A South Indian dish cooked in thick gravy of coconut and spices and garnished with desiccated coconut.


Beef Saagwala   (GF)

Lean diced beef cooked with fresh spinach, herbs and spices.




Goat Curry Fijian Style (GF)(DF)

Fresh lean goat, cooked with strong herbs and spices and finished with fresh coriander.


Daal Saag (GF)

Yellow lentils and fresh spinach cooked on slow fire finished with tomatoes and onions.




Aloo Dum (GF)(DF)(V)

Potatoes cooked with freshly crushed herbs and tomatoes.


Aloo Baigun  (GF)(DF)(V)

A combination of potatoes, eggplant and peas cooked in fresh herbs and spices.


Aloo Mattar(GF)(DF)(V)

Green peas and potatoes simmered in spices and tomatoes.


Bahar-E-Chaman  (GF)(DF)(V)

Fresh mixed seasonal vegetables, cooked with fresh herbs and spices.


Dhal  (GF)(DF)(V)

Yellow lentils cooked on a slow fire with asafetida, finished with fresh tomatoes, onions and cumin seeds.


Daal Makhani(GF)

Black lentils and kidney beans cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic and cream.


Kadhai Panir(GF)

Diced Cottage cheese cooked with diced capsicum onion and tomatoes.


Mattar Panir(GF)

Cottage cheese and green pease cooked with spices.


Saag Panir (GF)

Combination of fresh spinach and golden fried cottage cheese delicately finished with fresh herbs.


Kofta Malai

Dumpling of potatoes, cheese, raisons and nuts in saffron cream sauce and garnished with nuts.


Aloo Chana Masala  (GF)(DF)(V)

Chick peas and potatoes cooked with spices and tomatoes.


Panir Makani  (GF)

Cottage cheese cubes simmered in tomato and butter sauce.


Mixed Vegetable Korma  (GF)

Fresh mixed seasonal vegetables, cooked with spices and finished in cashew nut sauce.


Aloo Gobhi  (GF)(DF)(V)

Potatoes and Cauliflower




Chicken/Lamb/Beef (GF)(DF)


Vegetable (GF)(DF)(V)



Basmati Rice.







Pulao Rice

A vegetarian rice. Basmati rice cooked with cauliflower, potatoes and peas.


Coconut Rice

Basmati rice prepared with coconut cream and desiccated coconut


Chicken Fried Rice


Vegetable Fried Rice




Tandoori Roti (Wholemeal)

Wholemeal bread, baked in Tandoor.


Plain Naan

Plain flour bread, baked in Tandoor.



Deep fried Roti bread.


Garlic Naan

Plain Naan, baked with fresh garlic.


Rocket Naan (HOT)

Naan, baked with fresh garlic and chilies


Cheese Naan

Naan filled with cheese, baked in Tandoor.


Aloo Paratta  (wholemeal)

Naan stuffed with potatoes, onions and cumin seeds.


Kulcha Hara Bhara

Naan filled with a mixture of potatoes, peas and spices baked in Tandoor.


Kashmiri Naan

Sweet tasting bread filled with mixed dry fruit and nuts.


Cheese Garlic Naan

Naan filled with cheese baked with fresh garlic.


Butter Naan

Flaky layered plain flour bread baked in tandoor oven.


Chicken Naan

Naan filled with mildly spiced marinated chicken.




Papadums (2 pcs) (GF)(DF)(V)

Crisp, thin lentil crepes.


Aachar / Chutniyan (VARIES)


Banana and Coconut (GF)(DF)(V)

Fresh bananas with coconut and fresh lemon juice.


Tomato and Onion Salad (GF)(DF)(V)

Fresh tomatoes and onion salad.



Home made yogurt with grated cucumber and garnished with ground cumin.




Gulab Jamun (2 Pieces)


Coke (1.25 liters)


Mango Lassi (GF)


Coke in can


Coke zero in can


Sprite in can


Fanta in can


Bottled Water


Soda Water


Sparkling Mineral Water


Apple Juice


Orange Juice


Lemon Lime Bitters


Plain Lassi

Yogurt Drink


Dry Ginger Ale



* Please note : Curries should be ordered mild, medium, hot or very hot.

* All major credit cards accepted.