Weight loss: For one, that extra spice can also cause you to lose the flab. As per research, chillies have capsaicin, a compound that gives a thermogenic effect and thus makes the body to burn more calories after you have had the meal.

Prevents cancer: As per research, it has been found that capsaicin in chillies has the ability to kill some cancer cells. In addition, chillies may also help to battle common colds and prevent stroke and obesity.

Better heart health: Chillies are also known to reduce cardiovascular risk. They lower incidences of heart attack and stroke as hot chillies lessen damaging effects of LDL (bad cholesterol). Capsaicin is also said to help fight inflammation, which is a major factor in heart problems.

Lower blood pressure: A study has shown that a compound in chillies has the ability to lower blood pressure. It also was shown to induce blood vessels to relax.

Reduces anger levels: Spicy foods are said to boost the production of serotonin (feel-good hormones). They thus help ease depression.